8 Miljard Ikken

8 BILLION SELVES – A VR Experience by Nemo Vos & Spinvis. There are currently 8 billion people living on Earth. 8 billion people. 8 billion different faces. 8 billion different stories. 8,000,000,000 selves. What you think. What you smell. What you taste. What you feel. There is no one who thinks, smells, tastes, or feels the same as you. There is no one with your story. With your history. And yet… we are a mass. We behave like a swarm. We wage war like a tribe. We are afraid like a herd. 8 Billion Selves by Nemo Vos is not a film. VR is an unexplored, new medium for which no visual language has been developed yet. It seeks to find a new form of poetry. What you see, what you experience, is something that only you can truly feel. Only you. Among 8 billion others.

8 Miljard Ikken was on view at 9 juli 2023 at De Helling Utrecht. Live sounddesign by Spinvis, Saartje van Camp, Puntjudith en Ben Tanghe (Monokimono).

This project was established together with Dutch Digital Collectibles , who created digital merchandise and pop podium De Helling

Made possible by @stimuleringsfonds and @cultuurloket_digitall