Nemo Vos

Tibor de Jong is best known under the pseudonym Nemo Vos. He is an Utrecht-based artist and graduate of St. Joost School of Art & Design Breda. Nemo Vos creates poetic work using 3D software, scans, and film. In his work, both the physical and visual aspects of VR are utilized to explore a new way of storytelling.

A recurring theme in his work is humanity, the human, us, in times of polarization and digitalism. Through collaboration with other art forms (such as musicians, actors, and perfumers), he creates live shows where the boundaries between the “real” tactile, analog world and the virtual VR world are blurred and explored.

He has collaborated with Obey Clothing, Spinvis and Amber Arcades. With the latter he has created various animated music films and VR-projects, generating dreamflights for adults through abstract virtual worlds.

Doris Konings

Doris Konings is a 3D artist. Where Nemo Vos creates VR worlds, Doris breathes life into them. In this collaboration under the name of Studio Nemo Vos, Doris explores the possibilities of animation techniques and visual language.

She infuses humanity by animating elements like a trembling hand, a blooming flower, a river that meanders, a branch breaking and falling over the road, or a TV powering on. Her characters convey the same message through concise, stripped-down loops, leaving no narrative unnoticed.